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Insect screen frame

Insect screen frame

Insect screen frame is useful and reliable measure, that helps to protect Your home from unwelcome insects during hot seasons. This product is necessary and useful to those suffering from insect bites, insect allergy and families with Young children. Insect screen frame protects Your home from those nasty visitors.

Price: from 17.38 EUR/m2*
Note: By width, depending on chosen material and control-gear.

If You are interested in purchasing this product, please contact our managers. They will provide You with all relevant information about i nsect screen frames and offer the best price.

Insect screen frame quickly gained popularity in market because it is high quality and reliable security measure which features great characteristic.


  • Product parts are produced only from high quality and durable materials.
  • This safeguard is fitted to window using special brackets.
  • Insect screen frame profile is produced of aluminium and it is weather resistant. So You don't need to worry about rain or wind.
  • Note also that frame is very easy to install on any window frame.
  • If insect screen frame is no longer required, it can be easily removed. If the need arises again, You can easily install it back.
  • You can choose between brown or white insect screen frame for Your window.

Protect Your home against insects starting with early spring until the end of autumn and enjoy fresh air everyday. Insect screen frame provides excellent protection against various insects entering Your room. As winter approaches You can remove the frame from the window and install it back once temperature rises.

We are always ready to assist You and answer any questions You may have about insect screen frame. If You have any queries, contact us now.


Product set
Heavy-duty profile, plastic connectors and screen.

Screen frame is secured with metal plates or special mounting magnets. Screen frame can be mounted on a wall or frame, outside of a door or window.

From 0.5 m to 2 m

From 0.1 m to 2 m

UAB Žaliuzių Pasaulis

24 months