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Roman blinds

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are modern alternative for curtains. They are valued by those who want to add unique and distinctive touch of style to their home. This element of interior enrichment provides aesthetic benefits and provides perfect protection against nosy looks and direct sunlight. Over time, regular curtains are replaced by elegant and easy to use Roman blinds.

To learn more about the benefits of Roman blinds, range of selection and prices, please contact us in the most convenient way for You.

Roman blinds are very practical, convenient and functional way to treat Your windows.


  • They don't amount to Venetian or roller blinds, since Roman blinds are made exclusively from curtain fabrics.
  • We offer wide range of material choice, so you will surely find the favourite one that suits Your home interior.
  • You can also match together Romans and curtains or roller blinds that You already have.
  • There are several ways to mount this interior element: above a window, in window recess or on window frame.
  • When You pull control chain Roman blinds fold up in neat folds.
  • They can be easily locked at any desired height. Roman blinds have very simple mechanics.
  • Simple maintenance. To wash them, simply remove the rods from fabric.

Roman blinds provide highly modern and unique look to any interior. Since fabric for Roman blinds is of modest cost, You can pay more attention to the quality, pattern or colour of fabric. There is wide range to select from. This folding window treatment is novel and modern way to decorate Your window.

You are welcome to contact us by indicated contacts and we will provide You with relevant information on Roman blinds.