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External roller shutters

External roller shutters

External roller shutters are still novelty in Lithuanian market. They are designed for buildings the spaces of which need efficient protection from sunlight. Since the shutters are mounted on the outside of the window, a full protection from sun rays is guaranteed.

If you are interested in opportunity to install external roller blinds and their benefits, please, contact us in the most convenient way for You, and we will answers all Your questions.

Customers often wonder why to choose external roller blinds. Since most of direct sunlight is reflected from the material, the remaining part of sunlight goes through the material, and here it hits window glass. There is a very small chance of sunlight entering the room.


  • External shutters ensure the minimum amount of ultraviolet rays entering the room.
  • Because of this protection measure the room inside stays cool.
  • External shutters protect from sun, rain, wind and noise.
  • Provide optimal reduction in air conditioning costs.
  • Efficiently save interior space, since the blinds are installed outside of the building.
  • A lifetime guarantee: anti-corrosive properties of roller blinds; profiles are covered in unique polymer that protects it from effects of unfavourable weather; robust aluminium construction.
  • Three options of operation: by handle, electric motor and switch or remote control.

These are just few benefits of external roller blinds. But there is no doubt that external roller blinds are one of the most effective protection against sun rays. They stand out in excellent resistance to weather conditions and allow air to pass through.

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