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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

Vertical string blinds are solution for comfortable interior. These blinds are gaining popularity not only in Europe but also in Lithuania. They enrich home or office space with comfort and ambience. It is a sure way to shape novel image of Your room space.



Price: from 13.03 EUR/m2*
Note: By width, depending on chosen material and control-gear.

Vertical blinds are up-right strips of same width, interconnected and secured on aluminium rail. These strips are usually produce from materials of various colours which are selected by customer. A special blind control method allows to stack stripes on one side or another, as well as rotate the vanes by 180 degree.


In its purpose this window treatment method is similar to traditional curtains, but has specific advantages: unique design, convenient control and wide range of selection.

Advantages of vertical string blinds are next:

  • You can cover small window as well as glass wall;
  • very convenient and easy to operate, which guarantees easy management of light flow;
  • on a sunny day vertical string blinds protect the room and prevent fading of furnishings;
  • simple control of light flow by string;
  • a customer can combine vanes of various colours and thus find unique decorative solution.

Vertical string blinds are one of the most popular window treatment methods in the world. They are one of the easiest to operate as well. Their simplicity and reliability ensure safe and highly convenient control. This is a great way to redesign Your home or office interior.

If You need more information and You want to create unique and comfortable home or office environment, please contact us. We will do our best to provide all necessary information about vertical string blinds and other types of blinds.


Product set
Top bar for mounting the blind, control device, that consists of a string and chain, vanes made from fabric of your choice, vane tags, and weight.

Control method
Vertical blinds have manual control system. You will be able to adjust the angle of vanes. By pulling the cord You can slide vertical blinds to the right or to the left side, or to to the sides from the centre.

Vertical blinds can be fixed in four ways: You can mount them on a ceiling, on a wall or window frame or You can also employ recess.

Tube diameter
89 and 127 mm

Maximum width
3.5 m

Maximum height
3 m
*will depend on fabric that You choose

UAB Žaliuzių Pasaulis

24 months