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Wooden Venetians

Wooden Venetians

Wooden Venetians are manufactured from natural wood slats. They provide an exclusive and luxurious interior forYour home or office. Wooden slats do not deform, crack or fade in the sun. You can clean them with a damp cloth. It is easy to adjust the tilt angle of slats by handle, raise or lower blinds and secure them at the desired height by string mechanism.


Price: from 49.24 EUR/m2*
Note: By width, depending on chosen material and control-gear.


If You are considering to install wooden Venetians in Your house or office, please contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to give You all the information you need.

Wooden Venetians have following advantages:

  • perfect room protection from direct sunlight;
  • the amount of light entering inside can be controlled without pulling blinds;
  • various wood collections allow to match blinds to various interior styles;
  • manufactured from high quality and durable materials;
  • slats are available in width of 0.98 inch or 1.97 inch;
  • mechanically resistant, durable, easy to clean blinds;
  • these blinds are mounted on the window frame or in recess above the window;
  • operated by handle and string.

Wooden Venetians provide natural look and comfort to interior. They match perfectly with both classical furnishing and modern interior. However we recommend to consult Your architect or interior designer for achieving harmonious match with other decoration elements. Blind slats are manufactured from lightweight but strong wood. 0.98 inch wide wooden slats fit well for smaller windows. 1.97 inch wide slats are perfect for larger windows.

Please contact us. We will be happy to provide free consultation.


Product set
Bar for fitting the blind on, control gear, slats, manufactured from timber of Your choice, cord and a ladder.

Control method
Wood blinds can be operated by cord or handle. Control device will enable You to adjust the tilt of slats, to lift or lower the blinds, and secure them at desired height.

These blinds can be mounted in a recess, on a recess or on window frame.

Slat width
25 and 50 mm

Vane thickness
3 mm

UAB Žaliuzių Pasaulis

24 months